Synergia 99 Sp. z o.o. commenced its activity in the first half of 1999 as the soil - grown developer of industrial real estates taken over fron the Gdańska Shipyard - Group of the Shipyard Gdynia S.A. With priority of activity of Synergia 99 Sp. z o.o. in the close cooperation with the City of Gdańsk and Gdański Technical University were works on preparing the ground for the technical, legal, planning and marketing account for the comercial & administrative centre. Two projects were appointed to the acomplishment - "The Young City" and "New Wałowa". The scope of company`s activity included also rental and leasing activities of the magazine & production area and of whares. Years 2006 & 2008 were a time of a substantial changes in the stucture of Synergia 99 Sp. z o.o. In 2006 took place the first division of the company. It was a result of passing by the two development plans by the City of Gdańsk "Shipyard Square of the Solidarity" & "North". Then two new Companies emerged - "Workers`Koeln" & "Imperial Shipyard". In 2008 as a result of the II reorganization a Company "Drewnica Dewelopment" was assigned. These Companies took over owner`s and managerial functions above areal allocated up to investments of the City of Gdańsk.